Commandline interface

pypi-changes [-h] [--jobs COUNT] [--cache-path PATH] [--cache-duration SEC] PYTHON_EXE

pypi-changes positional arguments

  • PYTHON_EXE - python interpreter to inspect (default: None)

pypi-changes optional arguments

  • -h, --help - show this help message and exit

  • --jobs COUNT, -j COUNT - maximum number of parallel requests when loading distribution information from PyPI (default: 10)

  • --cache-path PATH, -c PATH - requests are cached to disk to this sqlite file (default: /home/docs/.cache/pypi_changes/1.0.2.dev1+g52aa646/requests.sqlite)

  • --cache-duration SEC, -d SEC - seconds how long requests should be cached (pass 0 to bypass the cache, -1 to cache forever) (default: 3600)